About Starfactory

An organization designed by footballers at the service of players


StarFactory Football Management was founded in 2005 and has since grown continuously on the international scene.

Over the years and thanks to its network of collaborators around the world, the company has acquired all the necessary experience to defend the interests of professional football players.

We are one of the rare management agencies whose intermediaries are almost exclusively ex-professional footballers, from where our Motto is derived: “An organization created by footballers to the service of footballers”.

We not only understand what it is like to be a professional player in the heart and soul, but we have also developed an international network with contacts in all the major Clubs: that is our strength!

Over the last 15 years StarFactory has become a leading company in the world of Football Management.

Our seriousness and professionalism have enabled us to manage with great success the sports careers and transfers of many famous players. Today, no less than 80 players playing in 30 different Clubs, spread over 4 continents trust us.

StarFactory is also a team of 15 players’ agents and 2 full-time administrative employees who work daily for the well-being of the players, so that they can concentrate exclusively on their football career.